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All machines are built in-house to our proprietary know-how and are audited and certified for technical functionality and safety by TÜV inspection.

COS-Machine – fully electronically operated and controlled with pressure vessel system, working with remote control system possible.
BMS-Machine – work with a Venturi system, used for repairs in the first flues of coke ovens or at the coke oven roof as well as for spot repairs in coke ovens.

Drilling Machine for gas nozzles

With our pneumatic drilling machine we are able to open clogged or obstructed gas-nozzles in coke-ovens.


In some Plants the water pressure for cooling the lance is not sufficiently high, therefore we use our own booster pumps to increase the pressure and flow of water.

O2 burning system for drilling bricks

System with combustion lance handle, protected hose, regulation valve and consumable safety parts used in the glass industry for, e.g., drilling bricks.

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Cleaning Technology for the Glass industry by using special gas lances

For achieving a good bond between welding mass and brick it is often necessary to clean the surface of the contaminated bricks.

Gas and Water connection and
Workshop test of a cleaning lance
Retro cleaning lance complete with hoses and safety parts.

Inspection-system for the glass industry

Some damages are not visible by direct view, therefore the repair has to be done byusing our camera system. The welder can monitor his work on the video screen.

Camera-Lance inside the furnace.

Watercooled Welding Lances

Watercooled working support

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