Additional Industries

As already mentioned, repairs from DOMINION NovoCOS are not limited to the Coke- and Glass- Industries.

DN has also succesfully executed repairs in other industries, like repairs at Hot Blast Stovesor repairs inside the Lime Industry.

Repairs at Hot Blast Stoves

Defects before repair by DN Ceramic Welding application.
During Ceramic Welding, showing also already welded and still glowing joints.
After Ceramic Welding repair

Repairs inside the Lime-Industry

Ceramic Welding in action. Welding seam still glowing.
Weld area after 6 months in operation

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Ceramic Welding in a Maerz shaft kiln, working in 3 steps

  1. Placing loose Zero Expansion Modules/Bricks (ZEB)
  2. Closing the hole by Ceramic Welding
  3. Final coating of the surface by Ceramic Welding

Proposal of closing holes in a Maerz shaft-kiln by using ZEB-Modules and Ceramic Welding technology

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