Glass Furnace

Our services

Our services: supply of premium quality by using DOMINION NovoCOS

  • Ceramic Welding inside the furnace
  • Cleaning of surfaces before welding
  • External hot repair, sealing by Ceramic Welding
  • Refractory cutting by use of watercooled chain-saw
  • Regenerator cleaning
  • Placing anchors for refractory stabilization
  • Bottom repairs
  • Bottom drilling
  • Inspection service

and other services

Customer benefit

The services will be executed through highly qualified, skilled and experienced technicians. Our customers benefit from working with us, because we serve you with:

  • Long term solutions
  • Maximum economic advantages
  • Emergency support
  • Absolute professional job execution
  • Minimum of downtime and production losses
  • Competitive pricing

Extend the lifetime of your glass-furnace by using DOMINION NovoCOS technologies and services.

Areas of repair application

DOMINION NovoCOS offers Ceramic Welding as the main repair technology for the superstructure of glass furnaces and is principally used for areas, such as:

  • Doghouse supports and arches
  • Port necks
  • Backwall crowns
  • Tuckstones
  • Melter crown, skew lines and breastwalls
  • Melter and regenerator arches

DOMINION NovoCOS uses ceramic welding materials, suitable for the refractory material of the area to be repaired.

Other repair areas: beside the superstructure of the glass furnace, the service package of DOMINION NovoCOS includes also technologies foreseen for services at other areas, e.g. for the bottom.

Ceramic Welding

Welding with a 15m long double water-cooled welding-lanceby using a 5 m water-cooled support.
Welding through the doghouse at the burner ports.

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Opening of access-holes in a furnace by using our water-cooled chain-saw.

Outside welding and setting of plates

Setting of ceramic plates and welding from outside.

Regenerator cleaning

Checkers before cleaning, removal of broken bricks by use of water-cooled shovel and hook (fallen bricks on checker).
Checkers after cleaning

Anchorage with steel-rods

1. Burning hole with oxygen lance
2. Inserting of pin
3. Hole closed by ceramic welding

Drilling work

Drilling of holes under the furnace for thermocouples, bubblers or determination of bottom thickness.

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