About Us

DOMINION NovoCOS is the international hot furnace repair specialist of the DOMINION Group.

DOMINION NovoCOS focus is the application of innovative hot-repairs technologies for the refractory industries, mainly in the coke and glass market, but has also successful executed repairs in the lime-industry and at hot-blast-stoves.

Supported by the global network of the DOMINION Group companies we offer “customer oriented services” (COS) throughout the world.

DOMINION NovoCOS is headquartered in Germany and employs people with many decades of experience in expertly and safely repairing furnaces.

Many top international customers trust us to safely, reliably and cost effectively deliver services designed to meet their specific objectives.

Our core technology is ceramic welding but we offer a service portfolio ranging from complete furnace maintenance through to the provision of ceramic welding machines and powder together with training for your personnel in the use of DOMINION NovoCOS technologies.

In short, our customer oriented application of our technologies and membership of the DOMINION Group ensures maximum customer benefit.

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