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Ceramic Welding Powder and laboratory

DOMINION NovoCOS produces their own Ceramic Welding powders on a specially designed and computer controlled production unit. Following strictest safety rules we produce in small production lots, with samples taken from every lot that are laboratory controlled and stored for 100 % traceability.

We use only the highest standard raw materials, monitoring not only chemical compositions and grain size distribution, but also purity and maximum minimum grain size, avoiding that the fines content exceeds the limit, as well as eliminating grains above maximum allowable size.

With the metallic components we allow no contamination, coating or oxidization.

The processes specified for the production equipment, as loading, mixing and filling of bags is tightly controlled using our proprietary software.

DOMINION NovCOS has developed a number of powders specially adapted to the exigencies of the various applications. For the work in the steel- and cokemaking industry there are more than 5 different types of silica powder available, as well as high alumina powders in various compositions. For the glass industry the powders cover a wide material range. Apart from the silica powders there are magnesite, dolomite, various grades of alumina, and mullite forming powders. This policy of tailoring powders for applications also applies to requirements of the lime industry and others.

Newly developed powder being tested

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