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Special Services

Cleaning Services

    The preparation of the zones or areas of a refractory wall to be repaired is of the highest importance for the success of a Ceramic Welding repair. If not all damaged material is removed, an early failure of the repair is likely to happen.

    1. Pneumatic Hammer
    This method has been used to clean Coke Ovens since the earliest days of employing Ceramic Welding. This method is still widely used and has a history of success. DOMINION NovoCOS offers this technology as part of the total service to our customers.

    2. High Speed Cleaning Technology
    This new technology offered exclusively by DOMINION NovoCOS has a number of advantages in most applications.

  • Faster Cleaning Time
  • Precise Cleaning of only damaged areas due to special nozzle system
  • Adjustable to both surface area and crack or joint repairs
  • Benign to "healthy" brickwork
  • No danger of "White finger syndrome"
  • Substantially less Ceramic Welding powder consumption
  • Ovens are back into production faster than with other methods

These advantages are achieved because the equipment, which is easy to handle, allows very precise work by using an adapted nozzle for each individual defect.

HSCT works without vibrations, protecting undamaged refractories and the operator.

HSCT will not lead to cool down of treated areas as the material flow is achieved by increased speed of projectiles rather than greater air volumes or pressure.

HSCT technology is available exclusively from DOMINION NovoCOS . It is far more sophisticated than conventional media blasting or pneumatic hammering and delivers a highly economic and effective solution.

Inspection and Consulting Services

Inspection Services
DOMINION NovoCOS provides an inspection service with an illustrated documentation of condition and damages.

We calculate the time and material required to repair any damage taking into account the specific operating requirements of each individual battery.

Upon request, DOMINION NovoCOS will recommend a repair strategy to meet the customer’s production and budget objectives.

Coke Oven Consulting
DOMINION NovoCOS provides a service for evaluating the condition of Coke Oven refractory linings.

This service can be requested as a standalone inspection, documentation and assessment of the condition of any coke oven battery.

Also, in preparation of a repair proposal, we assess the condition of the ovens, and estimate the requirements to enable a successful performance of the repair technologies to be used.

Our highly experienced Inspectors produce clear pictures of all relevant parts of each oven including heating-flues.

For the final report, detailed diagrams of the oven walls are used as an integral part of a fully costed repair strategy and against which future repairs can be monitored and evaluated.

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Flexible Flue Inspection Endoscope

DOMINION NovoCOS has developed a flexible camera system for heating flue inspections.
Heating flues can be digitally monitored and defects inside the heating-walls localized. The flexible endoscope will be inserted from the battery top, giving a clear view of the heating-flue problem.

Vertical flue drilling for opening of gas-risers

The gas risers supply the heating flues with combustion fuel gas. The gas risers may become clogged or obstructed during service by coke fragments or refractory debris.

Depending on the amount of time the debris remain in the gas riser, it may melt and fuse to the surrounding gas riser channel.

The pneumatic drill press is intended to separate and pulverize the fused debris from the gas riser channel or to create a new gas riser channel pathway.

View in a heating flue with blocked gas nozzle and air channel.
View in a heating flue with open gas and air nozzle / channel
Inserting of the drilling
Drilling system in position an ready for drilling

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